Friday, 30 June 2017

Venturing in to square kufic script

I have been including some square kufic in my watercolours. I like the simple clearness and the balance. I also like that it has a meaning even if we cant allways read it.
I've wanted, for a long time now, to make a little dua for the protection of children. A picture, something to hang, beautiful of course. But nowhere I could find this dua in square kufic. So of course as a passionate of diy I found myself searching how to construct square kufic and triying to do it myself. I would really like to have someone who could correct or aproove my script, though.
I found this site very helpful, as it gives very basic but very clear guidelines.

 "This style is absolutely not concerned with legibility: it is understood that the message, the Word, is there, and gazing upon it is enough to receive its blessing. Literacy may have been limited in the past, but beauty was always accessible to all, and it is the beauty of the pattern that matters. In its simplest form, square kufic is austere, and derives its beauty from the purity of its austerity; but it lends itself to clever, even playful variations only limited by one's creativity. More than any other calligraphic practice, creating in square kufic feels very much like solving a puzzle, giving it particular appeal for problem-solvers."       Quoted from "Creative Arabic Calligraphy: Square Kufic"

Monday, 19 June 2017

Stocked up again!

Happy to receive a box full of wool. I bought as local as I could this time. All natural colour. Spanish bread merino sheep, 21 microns for the white, around 23 for the brown. I have hopes of diying and getting some nice natural shades on the white wool. It was also a nice change to have no plastic in the box!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Pendants for another piñata

We made another piñata, using the same method, for my 6 year old. Just a bit bigger and a bit more sturdy (we wrapped three times round instead of two). We filled it incuding theese necklaces hoping each child would get one. We made them together a few days earlier. 

This is how:
-We cut the shapes with biscuit or plasticine cutters from white self hardening modelling clay. 
-We made a hole and decorated with dots and lines.
-the next day, when they were dry, we painted them with golden acrilic paint. I added a tiny bit of tempera to modify the golden paint and we had different tones of metallic.
-we put them on the strings (mostly me that part) and in the piñata!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Sweet hearts

It was lovely to meet my sweet little niece yesterday. May she be blessed and protected always. This was our handmade gift for her.
 The bigger one is a cushion. The smaller ones are intended to be soft toys. One has a squeaker inside, one has beads attached and the smaller one is quite a lot harder. They are held together by a buttoned tape so they can also be easily separated.