Saturday, 27 February 2010

Basic compositions

Once I have combined fabric by colour and texture, I roughly plan out my basic composition and cut the fabric if it's too large. I make lots of rough compositions at this stage because pulling out all my fabrics, really invades my living space and I can't do it too often! This way, I can now put most the remaining fabric back in the cupboard and continue to work with my selections, which are neatly grouped and piled.

This time, I didn't continue, so they were all put in the fabric bags box, which lives on one of the shelves in my workspace. I'm excited to open it up again soon and reveal all the little combinations I put away almost a year ago! Each one will continue to change individually, a background will be added and it will be turned in to a unique Lasidi bag or who knows what.
I'll show you when I get round to it!

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