Saturday, 27 February 2010

Basic compositions

Once I have combined fabric by colour and texture, I roughly plan out my basic composition and cut the fabric if it's too large. I make lots of rough compositions at this stage because pulling out all my fabrics, really invades my living space and I can't do it too often! This way, I can now put most the remaining fabric back in the cupboard and continue to work with my selections, which are neatly grouped and piled.

This time, I didn't continue, so they were all put in the fabric bags box, which lives on one of the shelves in my workspace. I'm excited to open it up again soon and reveal all the little combinations I put away almost a year ago! Each one will continue to change individually, a background will be added and it will be turned in to a unique Lasidi bag or who knows what.
I'll show you when I get round to it!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Fabric combinations

When I have all the fabrics at sight, I can choose my favourite combinations for colour and texture and put them together. This is when the colour organization really starts to rebel!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


My fabrics live in their own cupboard, dedicated to materials. They come from many places and have been collected during most my life. Lots of them have a story of their own before arriving in my hands. Some are inherited from my granny, some come from clothing or upholstery, some have been found rummaging in exotic boxes in second hand stores, some just come to me because people know I'll like them and some I buy because of their beauty or strength. I try and keep them organized by colours but sometimes they try and rebel.

When I'm going to make new compositions, they all come out of the cupboard and here you can see them on my table.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

One year ago!

I was sorting out my process pictures and I found some from the last time I sat down to make fabric bags. They are from March 2009! I only made a couple of new ones but what I did do is finish all those ones that were half made, and prepare for the next time. Who would know nearly a whole year would go by! As soon as I'm polymer clay finished, I will get to it again so in the mean time I'll try and post about the preparations I made and I'll also show you my favourite finished bags from the past, as I have just realized I've never yet posted about bags on this blog.

A picture of my table in March 2009, just about to pull everything out and begin working.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I never showed you these..

I'm finishing a new batch of jewellery and I realized I never showed you these pieces from the last batch. I really don't like the pink background but I cannot reshoot, so here you are.