Saturday, 19 December 2009

A beading session: Flat Pebble necklaces in process

At the beginning, all is neat and tidy. You can see in this picture my beading boxes. They store beautiful stones and beads, silver findings and my own pieces of felt. I use a fabric mat, it stores rolled up with my unfinished pieces, until the next time it comes out. This time there was not too much in it.

I missed a few pictures but anyway.. boxes are open, pebbles selected for each necklace and combined with stones and beads. Each one has its own way and its own time.

Gradually, the mat is fuller and all the beads are more mixed up. Many necklaces are put together and many new ideas have come up but none of them get finished. They all still need to be completed and they all need clasps. Then the mat is rolled up until it comes out again.

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