Tuesday, 6 October 2009

October post

Not been posting much but still here. Summer left suddenly and autum came with cold and rain and grey days... now the sun has come out again.
For the last month and between quite a few social events and trying to have a little brake, I've been sorting out finished from unfinished felt (still triying to finish some more), making felted jewellery, finishing off flowers and making brooches, taking pictures of finished items when the sun is out and croping and cleaning them up mostly when the moon is out, listing new items in my shops, packaging and storing them and restocking up with supplies. I currently have a jumble of all those different stages... but no pictures to show you. I'll take some if the sun stays out.
I still didn't reorganize, I just put my old messy full of ideas list to the side and started a new provisional one (best way to reset priorities)
I still didn't get my polymer clay out, but I impecably cleaned up for it. I need to get started, I'm supposed to make a piece for that exhibition... I should also make more buttons and a new batch of jewellery. I want to make some clay pebbles to include with my felted pebbles.

I have to update my gallery.

My good bye summer picture.

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