Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A bit about wool

Wool is a natural fibre and it comes from sheep. It's their hair and just as we have different kinds of hair, so do sheep. The natural colours go from creamy white and greys to beiges and browns and it can be longer or shorter, very soft or quite ruff. Wool is sheered off the sheep and then cleaned and usually combed to align all the fibres in the same direction or carded to make loose flat sheets. Among other things, it can then be felted or spun to make yarn.

In these pictures the wool of four sheep has been washed and is drying in the sun. It still needs to be combed to align fibres and to get rid of some more countryside! This is local wool from close to where I live. Sheep here are bread mostly for cheese and meat. The wool is pretty ruff and usually ends up going to waste… so there I was to grab some! There is a funny little adventure story behind this wool, maybe one day I’ll tell you about it.

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  1. So much work into wool! Yay for you grabbingsome for free!