Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The wasps chose Shakespeare

I've always found insects to be really amazing little creatures, but when it comes to wasps I can’t avoid fear. There is a terrible allergy running in my family and I'm yet to be stung...
The first time I saw one of these black wasps I was quite terrified but this summer I have grown used to them and even managed to admire their delicate split body and gracefully hanging legs, as they decided to nest inside my mother’s house! The last time I was there, a nest had recently been discovered on one of the bookshelves (obviously Shakespeare hadn’t been read in a while..) and even having an allergy, my mum sprayed the nest with no wasps on it, so the little creatures spent the few days I was there flying in, out and around the house looking for a new place to nest. They tried under the chimney, on a lamp wire and in many other places but always at some moment came back to an infected nest having to keep on looking for a new place. This weekend they where not around, so I guess they finally understood they were not welcome inside. The book was still on a window shelf waiting to be dealt with so I took some pictures of their amazing mud construction.


  1. Wasp stings hurt!

    It is amazing where they end up!