Saturday, 1 August 2009


Labels are the reason for all these changes. I want a special label for my handbags. I started research long ago but got distracted… Iron on? Woven? Printed? Laser cut? While researching, I couldn’t resist doing a few of my own…

I tried just writing with fabric pens on cotton tapes, but the more texture on the tape the more my pen bleeds, so that’s no good. Also my handwriting isn’t too nice!

So I tested my Lasidi rubber stamp, using iron fix black gutta as ink.

Cut and iron fixed, ready to sew on… that’s my result. Simple, not too bad but neither too special.

This little test made me decide on screen printed labels. I can fit lots of tags on a screen and print them myself and still play with colour and backgrounds. I can put in different sizes and shapes and they can all be different! ...And this is what got me thinking and distracted and working on a screen print version of my avatar, looking for my special label for my special bags. Now I know what I want, but still need to design the screens and get them done for me. I’ll keep you updated!

Sample of printed iron on labels I ordered to see what they were like.

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