Friday, 31 July 2009

The little I likes

I like my new colourful blog banner. I like to read all the little I likes often cause it helps me keep motivated and working.

...updated cards and tags

One change changes everything…

...updated shop banners

Shop banners are also updated. I did a little banner play with the new avatar, then adjusted colours, made layers and put in textures. Etsy is looking gorgeous, Dawanda could do with a little adjustment…

New avatar...

Why change? Thinking about labels… I want something I can screen print. The old one was a photograph so I adapted it, making a few changes on the way. Now it’s more graphic and I can print it. I have made a one screen one colour version and a two screen two colour version, so when I get round to it I can print my own tags and still play with colours and backgrounds. Here you can see some steps of the evolution.

I traced my foto in to lines using a vectorial program. Then I adjusted the lines, tried to simplify and after hundreds of possibilities, lots of blockeage, doubt and indecision, I finally decided on this compositon.

I then tried the two colour version and a preview of how in would print on a coloured background. I also gave it a little texture for a web and paper version.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Adding a third column to your blog template

It seems someone wanted to add a third column to their blog and had a hard time finding clear instructions. With what they learnt they created Three Column Blogger, to ease this attempt for all newcomers like me. There, I found simple instructions to edit my Minima template in to three columns and then also how to adjust margins. I think it’s very easy and clear to follow the steps given and there are many different templates to modify.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Those of you who have been here before will have probably noticed a few changes; I have a new colourful banner and I changed my template to three columns. I have a new avatar and updated all tags and cards to match. I’m happy with Lasidi’s new image and I think it fits in well with my work. I think I’ve finally reached a definitive appearance. I’ve also decided to focus on my textiles, which is what I most enjoy, and not get too distracted making little things that might sell. I have A LOT to update you on, but it will take me some time. In the meanwhile look what I’ve been up to!

Summer extension

I’ve adapted my workspace for my summer felt production. I had a long board all nicely padded for screen printing and as I haven’t done any printing for a whole year I pulled off all the padding and put it on trestles outside my door. There is also a drain very close so my little wet mess doesn’t disturb the neighbours too much. I also strung up a drying line in the corner behind so now I have everything I need in my little summer extension! It’s great cause I also use it as a photo studio. The board gives me a white background and if I unroll the bamboo mat then I have another one! You’ll see this background in lots of my summer pictures!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Felting in July

It’s strange to work with wool in hot Spanish July, but that’s just what I’m doing. Wool, warm water and soap, gauzes and bamboo mats, a long table, a close drain, a rubber mopper and a hanging rack. Strengthening my arms and also tanning my shoulders. Friction, movement, bubbles and water dripping all over my feet.

I’m making pebbles and felts for jewellery, I’m felting painted silk in to wool and making fabrics, I’m prefelting for winter scarves. I’m quite behind on my 2009 schedule so I had to skip a few things, but July is marked for felting and here I am. I’m not taking pictures all the time as it slows me down but I’ll show you my table and hanging rack every now and then.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Colour sampling

I sampled a piece of each new colour of wool I ordered. On the cards I write down the supplier, the kind of wool and the colour reference if it’s dyed. This way I have my own little catalogue and I can always see where and what I bought when I need more.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Monday, 6 July 2009

Soft Supplies

The wool I ordered arrived but I couldn’t tackle it till I got all the silk scarves out the way. Now they are fixed, washed, ironed and out of the way waiting to be pictured and packaged, so I’ve pulled the wool out again. This is what I got.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

It felt wonders

I often start on new projects before finishing things off that are half on the way. I did it again a few weeks ago. I got my felting boxes out to see what I had, I organized it, I prepared lots of material to work with, used up most my wool and ordered lots more; I’m supposed be starting in July and I’d like to be productive this summer… Have I told you I love wool? It felt wonders to have it all out again!