Monday, 29 June 2009

I've been busy

Yip! I took advantage of the fact that this was a "no distraction weekend" and worked three full long days painting scarves. Now I'm feeling very satisfied, although I’m not finished yet; I still have to fix them, remove all the wax, wash them and iron them. Then make pictures and show you!

This time I made little Batik Spots and Batik Spot scarves and shawls on thin silk. I painted Squares & Lines, Wavy Lines, Wavy Lines & Circles, Little Lines and a Tessellated shawl. I made most of them on thicker silks.
I took a picture of my rack for you to see.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Etsy trades

A couple of months ago I traded on Etsy. I very much enjoyed it and will probably do it again.

I traded a Batik Stripe scarf for lots of fabric covered push pins and bobby pins from LeBoutique. This was a little present for me! I like the contrast between the linen and the tapes, the lines and dots and the simple but chic! Best of all is I got lots of them for my scarf!

I traded a Tessellated neck scarf for silver wire. I got different gauges to play with and what I usually use. Beautiful solid sterling silver wire from a shop called nottoto. Supplies for Lasidi.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online site that dedicates to 3 things: handmade items, supplies and vintage items. It’s a huge online sales platform with lots of users from all over the world, but based in the USA. It allows people who make things like me, to open up a shop for free and list items for a very reasonable price. There are also other features on Etsy but you’ll have to investigate a little to find them.
Go and have a look!

What are Etsy Treasuries?

Treasuries are hand picked selections of items listed on Etsy and made by Etsy users. The treasury list is limited, in constant movement and each one only lasts for two or three days. It’s these collections that are usually chosen for the front page, so being featured in treasury lists increases the possibilities of appearing on the Etsy front page, and this means lots of visits. It’s not that easy to get a list though!
Go and have a look!

YAY !!!

This weekend my triangular buttons made it to Etsy front page!! I didnt see it myself and dont have a picture, but I got lots of visits and lots of hearts! You can see the list in The Vault.

Thank you ziazia for including me in your lovely treasury!!

Saturday, 27 June 2009

I've been featured!

Thank you!!

A line has surely been crossed, Etsy treasury by mysticwynd, featuring my Circle shoulder bag.

Honey, Etsy treasury by ziazia, featuring my triangular buttons.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Squares & Lines batik shawl

I like painting this pattern. It reminds me of ladders and its great for layering colours. This shawl is crepe de chine 8. Its my first 'not ponge' scarf. The thicker silks can hold much more colour and they are even brighter and more solid. I like it, cant wait to see the even thicker ones!

Wavy Lines & Circles neck scarves

Wavy lines and circles are the excuse to colour these little ones.

Tessellated neck scarves, batik

A little different but also tessellated patterns.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tessellated neck scarves

I once used tessellations as a theme for a screen printing project and designed many patterns, having to choose just one of them for printing. Now, bit by bit I’m painting all the others on silk.
I made these two in my last batch.