Thursday, 21 May 2009

Painting silk with gutta.

These pictures are from last February. I painted lots of batik patterns for felting and a couple of gutta outline neck scarves that are still waiting to be fixed. I tried out my new system and painted some more last week so I hope I’ll fix them all together tomorrow.

Simple wooden frames on my small table; my large table is taken over by patterns, dyes, brushes, sponges, mixing tray, water, pins, scarves and usually my designs book to get me started off.

I must admit I don’t always iron the silk before stretching it, but its better to because you get rid of the folds. The other picture shows the line composition for one of my abstract yucca designs.

Stretching the silk on the frames with three point pins, from the middle to the corners.

Appliying gutta straight from a bottle for a thicker line. Thin silks are very transparent so placing the pattern underneath (not touching) is enough to transfer the lines.

Applied gutta and colours. I don’t have all the colours, I like mixing my own. I also use brushes, sponges and an ice cube tray or bowls for mixing.

First layer of colours.

Once dry I added more gutta and a second layer of colour.

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  1. q bien!! ya has puesto como se pintan,pero no lo entiendo....jajajajaja.aunque con las fotos me guio un poco.
    Besos wapa