Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Presies and upgrades

Upgrading is nice, so for 2009 I bough Lasidi nice little black boxes and organza bags, a mannequin and a pasta machine (yes, all polymer clay on my sites is made without one!)
I’ve also redesigned my tags and I’m quite happy with my new packaging. If only I wasn’t thinking of changing my bottom line again…

I love my pasta machi
ne! I had it sent from Italy cause ‘again’ I could not find it locally. It saves me much time mixing colours and flattening sheets, and it also makes layering so much more fun! I’ll have to start trying out colour blending now…
My mannequin is funny… When she arrived I mounted her up and her perky tits were at my eye level. I had to stand on a chair to
take pictures of her neck! So there she stood for a couple of months until I finally got round to cutting a big chunk off the pole. She more or less fits my clothes so I can dress her up in all those nice ones I never wear and then adorn her with my items to show them better in my pictures.


  1. I love your new boxes and organza bags! They are very pretty! You have a great shop too! Very creative!

  2. Packaging is so important and when a customer receives a great product that is nicely wrapped, it really makes them feel that buying handmade is something special. I would love to see a closer shot of your packaging. It looks very nice.

    I don't know how your mannequin is, but many of the store mannequins have a small adjustment knob underneath the form where you can change the height of where the form sits on the pole. If it is decorative mannequin it may not have this... just a thought. Greetings from Germany.

  3. Allison, the mannequin does have an adjustable pole but the smallest height was still too tall! Now she can be like me or quite a bit taller..