Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My workspace

My home is my workspace. Or shall I say Lasidi is slowly invading my home… I live at the top of the old town of Granada, in the Albaycín, in a little old house about 5 minutes away from one of the most visited tourist spots, El Mirador de San Nicolás. I have an upstairs and a downstairs with a patio witch I share with my lovely neighbours. Downstairs, my living room is my main workspace and my kitchen often becomes my dying and drying room. Upstairs is my bedroom and also my office and my little warehouse. I have one cupboard for all the nice clothes I never wear and one cupboard for all my fabrics and wool and other stuff… Shelves are everywhere stacked with work and books and files and boxes and baskets, containing tools, supplies, files full of drawings and designs, finished and unfinished work, bits and pieces of paper, paints, threads, brushes, seeds, stones and anything you can probably think of! Here’s is a little ‘photochop’ of my main workspace in one of my creative messes…

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