Tuesday, 13 January 2009

So, what is this blog all about?

My intention for this blog is…

to start sharing
to learn and also teach
to promote my work by showing you what I make and how I make it
to promote creativity and creative people
to promote arts and crafts
to promote textiles
to promote polymer clay
and of course, to let you follow Lasidi’s steps as it slowly grows up.

My little plan of action is…

to take pictures when I make things to show you my work process
to present you my items
to post inspiring pictures
to make picture tutorials of what I know how to do (some day, maybe videos)
to share events that I find out about
to feature my favourite finds: sites, artists, crafters and designers
to share my experiments with you
to make a parallel blog but in Spanish

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lasidi's little history

I started Lasidi as a way to pay the materials I needed to make things. Hobbies can be quite expensive…
As I’m timid, I tried on the internet on the first big selling site I hear
d of: Ebay.

This was a big opening for me. Not just cause I could sell my items but because it introduced me to online buying
. As I cannot find certain materials locally, discovering Ebay was discovering a whole new world of supplies at my reach. And so, I constantly invested all my sales in to more and better supplies.

In 2008 Lasidi grew up a little. Trying to find out what I like the most and experimenting constantly has greatly improved my
items. I closed my Ebay shop to begin again, but this time on two sites I had just heard about, dedicated to the handmade: Etsy and Dawanda.
Also, as my items got better I had to make an effort to picture them in a better way, so my photography skills have improved greatly in the last year, and hopefully will continue to.

By the end of 2008 these are my achievements for Lasidi:

I have set up an online gallery
and two online shops.
I have wholesaled to one local shop.

I have a nice range of suppliers and supplies.
I’m concretin
g and perfecting my designs while making new ones.
I’m beginning to find myself through my work and being p
roud of it.
I have promoted my items on social sites.
I have been featured!

I have started this blog

My Mosaicglobe gallery front page, where you can browse through my categories, read a bit about me, access my shops and see a preview of some of my non functional works.

My flickr gallery, where I upload all my new pictures.

My Dawanda shop, where you can buy my items priced in Euros.

My Etsy shop, where you can buy my items priced in USD.

Etsy treasuries I have been featured in.

Etsy treasuries I have made.

My first treasury and only Etsy front page!

Lasidi featured at eyeshoot.co.uk

Lasidi’s Mosaicglobe Creativity Competiton Award!

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy new year

My best wishes to all people for this New Year.

May we all be blessed, protected and guided,
may we all be conscious and grateful,
may we all find ourselves a bit more and understand others,
may we all respect and love what is around us,
may our hearts start talking and our best thoughts come true…