Monday, 22 December 2008

A bit about me

Ever since I remember I have made things and thankfully I was born in to a family that appreciated it.
When I grew up I was going to be a teacher, then an architect. I don’t know how (actually I do, but it’s a long story) I ended up in a Spanish fine art degree! I had always made things, but I had never drawn a 10 foot statue on a metre sized paper! Or paint huge canvases with nude live models! Anyway… while doing this for five years I learnt a little bit of lots of techniques… drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printing…
Textiles is not yet a subject in a normal Spanish Fine art degree, but you can go to an art school and do two year courses, so that is what I did: Textile art and design. And again I learnt a little bit of lots of techniques… tapestry weaving, weaving with a traditional four shaft loom, basic basketry, spinning, felting, painting and printing fabrics, embroidery, appliqué,… and even a bit of bobbin lace! I would love to sit and weave all day but I don’t have a shaft loom or the space to put it. Maybe one day…

Now, I have a part time job and spend most my free time learning a bit more of the techniques I most enjoy, experimenting and perfecting what I make while finding my own style in the process.

I like mixing materials, I like patterns, I like fabrics, I love colours, I like clean straight lines and curvy lines, I love textures, I like randomness, I like geometry, I like squares and lines, I like stripes, I love structures, I like the traditional techniques and the modern style, I like drawing so many things I will probably never have time to make, I like keeping all my drawings stashed in files, I like to have everything organized even though most the time I end up working in a big mess…

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Why Lasidi?

It's really not correct. But it's my favourite 'andalucian' grammatical error. I rescued this little explanation from a thread on the Etsy forum:

My name is Siddiqa and people shorten it to Sidi. Here, in the south of Spain my favourite wrong language thing is to put articles in front of the names of people you talk about.. so that turns me into 'la Sidi' for my people here.. and from there comes LASIDI. It was going to be "las cositas de la sidi" or "lasidi's stuff" but my mum said - NO it makes you little! NO, you can’t name it stuff! And anything I though up had some kind of 'not good' about it so then I just kept Lasidi.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Firt post

Ok, I'm blogging. Not quite yet, but I've made the intention, so soon. While I learn about all of this, I'll introduce you bit by bit to Lasidi.